Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mom Forgot My 100th Post! Plus a Post In Remembrance of Rain While the Humans Are Out

I should be mad at my mom!!! This is my 101st post! My last post was the 100th! How could she forget? Aren't I the most important one in this house? She says she may have had other things on her mind.... like taking a road trip! The humans are actually leaving us for two days! Mom said they would be back by Friday sometime. When she comes back I may hide from her for a couple of days just to show her!
In Remembrance of Rain: Here is what Spooky dictated .... Yuck ... those silly humans and that big yeller dog .... I don't know why they all miss the rain! Anyhow, it hasn't rained here for a couple of months.
Monty and my mom and even human sister Sarah, all love the rain! Hey look! a puddle there!
Hail on the back deck!
They say their walks in the woods are always fresher and more invigorating in the rain! My mom is dressed in a bazillion layers! She is always cold in the winter!
But, for now, they knows the rain is done... fini... kaput... no more! They remember it fondly during these months of drought! Unless, they get lucky, and they get the rare summer sprinkle!

And looky here!!! A 1 second video of Monty on a rainy day, there is my mom, still cold! Battery stopped working!

PS: Human sister says thank you to all those well wishers. She has a whole 3 weeks before the surgery... but we will let all know how it all goes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me and My Monty, My Sometimes Goofy Brother

See my handsome brother? Now remember that handsome face......
Here I am!
I agreed to do this with My Monty Dog.... using Picnik.
Monty here was complaining, cause he didn't get in on the action! ... Neon action that is. We did that back in April. This application is free and you don't have to pay for it!
So here is the good dog in Neon Orange!
Another photo!
Now Neon Blue! I thinks he looks sort of goofy, or certainly, neon shows his true goofy self! We will always love you Monty Pooh!! Remember that love out there in bloggy land! Ciao! Mom says LIS Forever!

SOME NEWS: My human sister, Sarah, has torn her ACL. Last week, she had her MRI then saw the Orthopedic Doctor. She is now scheduled for surgery Aug. 21. It will be outpatient surgery. She is now having physical therapy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion Friends Friday! And My ... Grrrrr ... Photos

Look what Zoolatry did! I and other kitties and doggys are part of Fashion and Friends Friday! When I visited Zoey's Millinery Mercatile I chose a summer chapeau!
Now, A Grrrrr! Photo Shoot:
I give you my laser stare!! "TURN OFF THAT "FLASHY BOX!"

My Kitty Grasses:

For Those Who Asked About My Kitty Grasses:
My Kitty grasses came from a seed packet from a hardware store. My mom brought the packet a year ago .... but they grow real good, and they grow fast! Renee's Garden website, unfortunately, says they ship only to the USA and Canada.... you can find them on Amazon too. I think that is not fair to the rest of the world!! Seeds are equal parts rye, oats, barley, and wheat.

The Container: Now we are embarrassed. My mom is just a cheapo! The container is just a half and half container. Her whole "smallish" garden was started in the same type of containers... then transplanted. It is just she has never transplanted these kitty grasses. She loves watching and growing things from seed and will go to great length to avoid buying live plants!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Show You My Kitty Grasses and Mom Has a Staycation!

Summer School is out and school won't start till about the middle of August! So Mom has a staycation!
MINE!! Can you tell they have been chewed down!
Mom planted these for me awhile back! But they are usually outside on the back deck. I have a couple of them!
I love them!
Yumm Yumm!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pray for All at The Cat Street Boyz

P.S. We have just read some very bad news. OBI of The Cat Street Boyz has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This beautiful Poodle was only 4 years old. We here are very sad and would appreciate it greatly if you would be kind enough to take the time to visit The Cat Street Boyz to offer your condolences. Please pray and purr for them.... Thank You.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mom, I stick out my tongue at you!
Sandusky fastidiously cleaning himself.
Monty's tongue!
Got to do this cleaning up after eating.
She loves me... She loves me not.... She loves me..... Gotta remember your legs you know.
Gotta clean my nose ya knows!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Laser Staredowns

I have one green laser and one blue laser below! You gotta biggify it.
"You stare and blare, and say you care" ..... Tippi Hedren to Sean Connery in Alfred Hitchcock's "Marnie." (Quote is around 8:50 on the UTube video) We love Marnie!

PS: That word really is "blare" ... "You stare and blare and say you care, but your unfair, you want a pair." We wonders what that means!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Better, Some Photos, and an Award

Thanks to everyone for wishing mom and sister to be well. Sister has to go to the Hospital to have a MRI for her knee this afternoon. Mom will be driving her. Sister has a humongous splint for her knee/leg. When the splint was off the first few times and lying on her bed us cats all thought it was a big huge black monster!!! Mom's mouth feels better.... but she still can't chew on that side where the temporary crown is! She has Dentist appointment for next Tuesday to get the permanent crown put in.
Just a few favorite photos.... here is Princess Spooky.
The Humans and Monty....
Know that Sandusky is no pansy! But it is his turn to be amidst the flowers! Can you tell he is sitting next to a real vase of flowers? Those were some flowers from one of the kids at school, mom's job.
A recent picture of Sarah and that big yeller dog.... MY Monty! This was taken on a walk in Angwin, before Sarah hurt her knee!
I Got an AWARD!
This is from my friends at The Monkeys. It says Seu blog é um sonho Award. In English it means 'Your blog is a dream.' Thank you for thinking of me Samson and Delilah!

The rules of this award are to give seven beauty secrets and then pass it on to seven bloggers.

I apologize for bending the rules here... Ours will include some secrets for the boys to be handsome. Plus one for the doggies. All 4 of us will give some. Here are some of our beauty / handsome secrets.

1. Sandusky.... Chase the pretty girls at least once a day. This is especially important if you have been neutered like I have been!

2. Spooky.... Sleep in the dark cupboard so the light doesn't fade your furs!

3. Cheyenne.... Always dream pleasant dreams!

4. Monty.... Get your humans to take you out in the car/van or vehicle of your choice for rides to where you can get out and pull your humans on a leash.

5. Sandusky.... Make sure you get to take a nap in some humans lap as often as possible!

6. Spooky.... Make sure you let your favorite human know how much you love her/him by sleeping on their pillow, then leaving your furs behind!

7. Cheyenne and Monty.... Make sure to always be standing at the back door so you get plenty of fresh air. Push out ahead of your mom if you can... to chase those intruder squirrels. If your not allowed out dream of being outside!

I want to give this to the following friends. Those who are boy kitties feel free to tell us your secrets for staying a handsome.... boy "beauty!" If you have time for this that would be great!

Madi and her Mom
Eric and Flynn
Angus Mhor
The Furry Kids
Perfectly Parker
We Love Luna

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lots to Tell and Videos!

Poor Sick Humans:
Both mom and human sister haven't been ok. Sister hurt her knee (for the 4th time in 2 months) This time she has crutches and is hobbling around on them! She can't hardly walk! Then mom has to have a crown put in. She went to the dentist yesterday and they drilled and drilled and drilled, then put in a temporary. She was in pain all last night, besides being really out of it! They gave her a Valium. That was to take before the appointment! That was because she suffers from TMJ. Grandma had to drive her home from the dentist! She had to go in today because the temporary was cutting into her tongue real bad. She is better now, but her mouth is still sore!!!

I want you to know! I got another award!!! It is from my friends at The Monkeys. I will tell you more about the award on my next post. Thank you Samson and Delilah!

I present the following Monty Movies for you enjoyment. They are short and silent, and show the true heart of MY Monty, my brother.

Monty says: "You must play ball with me mom! YOU DO IT THIS WAY!"

"Come on! Get with it mom!!!"

"Maybe I can get this cat to play!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let me Out!! And An Award

Me at the backdoor! Let me out mom!! Purrty Please!

Hey I got an award!!

This very pretty award was given to me by Reese. Thank you Reese for thinking of me!

The rules are to give a link back to the anipal friend who gave you the honor (me) and then tag 5 of your friends to receive it. Ignor this if you have received this award. Also, if you don't have time to participate, we understand. I will give this to you anyway.

The 5 friends I want to give this to are:

The Monkeys

us four gatos
Luna Luzie and Ollie
Kipling Cat

Hope you have fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nicknames are Better than Hey You!

My mom has been "thinking" on a post on all our nicknames. Then we saw that Huffle Mawson had a post about her nicknames a couple of days ago. So I asked my mom to get busy on mine. Finially!! here are ours!
My official name is Cheyenne Millie Wyoming
My Nicknames are:
Shy Little Anne (I am truly shy!)
The White One
Little Pipe (I squeak a lot!)
Angel Face
Honey Bunny
The What What
Official Name is Sandusky Ohio
Prince Brat (When he was younger he was a real brat... age has mellowed him.)
Brat Brat
Sandust (He likes to play in the sandbox.)
Yeller Cat
Yellow Rat
Cute One
Orange Boy
Hmmm! I think some of Sandusky's names seem to indicate that he is lots of trouble sometimes!
Spooky's official name is Spokane Washington .... Wow! Just like in Washington State! (Human sister named her!)
Nicknames are:
Angel Face
Little Rat
Tiny Rat
Spooky Child
Sweet Baby
She is human sister's .... (Sarah's) special baby! I wonder why she calls her Little Rat?
Monty's official name is Montpelier Vermont. (Human sister named him too.)
Doggy Wog
Super Slobber
Count Dogula
Sweet Baby
Monty Pooh
Monty Dog
BUT WE THINKS HE DOESN'T KNOW ANY OF HIS NAMES. HE WILL ANSWER TO: Sandusky, Sandust, Spooky, Cheyenne, and Here Kitty Kitty!

We would love to hear what some of your nicknames are!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Am a Flower!

Mom is just practicing using some of her software!
So here I am among the flowers!

They are going backwards! This is the first one she did!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Six Photo Game plus Monty and Dog Next Door

First... Me, practicing my ignoring my mom pose!

Then I want you all to know my friend Kareltje, from KARELTJE en ikke!!! He tagged me to play the 6th photo game!

The rules are:
Open your photos folder and select the 6th folder.
Then select the 6th photo in that folder and post that photo
along with the story behind the photo on your blog.
Then tag 5 friends.

Opening my 6th folder this is what I found as the 6th photo. This was taken last spring (2008). It is a photo of my human sister Sarah. The humans had all got in the car and gone over to the ocean with Monty. They drove to Goat Rock, near Jenner. It was on a rainy day. To explain this photo better it is best to show the 2 photos that come before and after it.
We are doing this backward since we didn't think right when we downloaded the photos to blogger! The photo below was taken after it. Human sister is walking my Monty Dog in the rain!
This was the photo before it, before Monty Dog got his furs wet in the rain! He is with Grandma in the backseat! He is a very happy dog!
I want to tag the following friends:
A Kitty Named Reese
The Creek Cats
House of Cats
Huffle Mawson
Batu Khan

Now.... looky here.... Monty is listening for his neighbor friend.
There is this little tiny, weency, doggy that lives next door! Monty likes to visit it through the fence. He often will go over to the fence and stand there listening to it!
But that is only when he isn't busy! Monty loves his toys! Not even the dog next door will distract him from this tennis ball when he is playing with it!

My human sister, Sarah, took the video with her cell phone... It isn't the greatest ... but it does have sound! You can hear my human sister talking to Monty ... then she is giggling... could be that she is torturing the doggy next door!! For all I know she may be torturing Monty too!