Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the Fall

I did not get to participate in any of the following! Therefore I will look miffed! This was before Jazzie Jessie. You can see Sandusky's and Spooky's silent movies below. Do I look like I am wearing that lamp?
Monty is one happy dog here!
Squeeze the eyes at mom!
Last fall Monty thought he was king of the back deck and lots of leaves!

But those other kitty cats showed him!

Spooky sharpens her claws! Get a look at that tree and Monty!

PS: There has been a lot going on here. Some of it just plain hard, physical work (Mom has been moving stuff into storage... lots and lots of stuff). Then mom just comes home from her job at the school exhausted sometimes. This next week will be particularly hard with the other aide in the classroom just having surgery, and being out.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have been dreaming of summer.
After 6 days of rain I wish it would stop! I remember the sunshine and the open doors!
In the meantime I worry about where Jazzie Jessie might pop out from next!
Seems she has this uncanny ability to be everywhere at once! And she isn't very nice! She seems to be jealous of me! When my mommy talks to me and pets me she shows up and wants to get in the middle of it all!

PS: That first photo was done using Photo Fun Box.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Monty Thinks and An Award

Monty at first was real interested in our new little girl.
But he has lost some of his interest! She even pounces on him!
Mom has been calling her Jazzie Jessie!
Hey Mom! It talks!
Now see below! I won an award!
This award comes to us from Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam ( Lisa, Jack, and Baby are showing us here at Millie's House some love, and the rules are to pass the love on to 5 other blogs. Thank you Lisa, Jack and Baby! Cheyenne Millie is passing this award on to:

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gotta Watch My Back!

I have to tell you, I have been hiding a lot.
I have to lay on my back to make sure I don't get pounced on!
There is my new sister getting ready to pounce on me now!
She is the little stinker. My mom thinks she is cute. But I hiss at her a lot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mom's Bed

Just wanted you to know I am still here! In this picture my mom had just washed all her bedding.... including the comforter and the mattress pad!
I wanted to help her out when she made her bed. But she got to it before I could, then covered it all with a sheet.
I am miffed at my mom! Hey mom! Don't you know that I would never do anything naughty on your bed?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you Kimo and Sabi

Look what we got!
I wanted my mom to tell you... I won a drawing. Over at Kimo and Sabi's Blog they had a drawing for the books in the picture. As they said on their blog "Da Blurp" did the drawing of the name. And "da blurp is furry honest." Thank you Kimo and Sabi, and "da Blurp." I am so excited and happy about this. I hope these books give my mom inspiration.
Monty knows there is something in there for him too!
Is this for Monty?? We don't thinks so!
Cat Lover's Daily Companion:
365 Days of Insight and Guidance for Living a Joyful Life with Your Cat

Here it is!!
Dog Lover’s Daily Companion:
365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Living A Rich Live with Your Dog
I am thinking my mom used this picture before! But she says I am cutes in it so here it is again. She hasn't been taking lots pictures of me. She has been taking pictures of that "it." I have been hiding from everybody cause of the strangers in the house. So I am hard to find!

See below: some pictures of my new sister. There she is trashing Human Sister Sarah's room. She found Sarah's swimsuits and dragged them out. Know this... the human sister was out! Mom is trying to decide on several names for her.
We thinks being demure.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years to Everybuddy

We all wish every kitty and doggy out there a happy new year! We hope that you are all well! My mom is not helping me like I wish she would! Such a bad mommie!
Here is Spooky wishing good wishes!
Monty has proved he is a good and patient boy pup!
Me? I am trying to figure this out!
Here is more pictures of the it. Mom has some names she is thinking on.
It came to us from our human sister's job. My Mom isn't real clear about its story, so mom may be correcting some of this later. The story is that a fellow employee thought it was a newspaper in her driveway. She backed up over it. The little one ended up at the vets for awhile. The doctors had to pop one of its hind legs into its socket. It was a couple weeks before mom and human sister and that employee talked about adoption. Then it was a couple of more weeks before it came here. It stayed in Sarah's room that first week. It was suppose to be quiet cause of its medical history. But it was a rascal from the beginning. Now it gets the run of the house all day... but mom has been shutting it up at night in "the room!" I have much more to tell everybody but that will have to be later.

Again we wish you a happy new year!!!