Thursday, September 29, 2011

Handsome!! And a Spooky Video!

This is all you gets of me mom!
So mom! I give you permission to post what you thinks is ok... I guess he will haves to do! I will approve.
Hey Mom! Looks at those teethies! I thinks he needs a dental!

I invite you to watch Spooky's video!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


There is that Sandusky!

He really can be very docile!

Hey what that doing there!?! Hmmmm! The always silly, Jazzy Jessie!!!!!

Sandusky is the oldest of us all. Last Spring he turned 16. He does have some health issues and has to take medicines. He is not easy to give meds to!!! He has learned the sound of the med bottles and will run the other direction when the time comes!!!

We take a break to look at mom's sunflower which she grew from seed! Mom dotes over her sunflowers.

We loves Sandusky!

I trust him to not jumps at me or try to wrassle me! Though, occassionally he does get in a mood and will chase me! When mom gets out the nip he is always the first one there!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marnie and Mom

While Monty and that huge Monster Reye snooze ... (or TRY) to snooze I will tell you a few things about my mom and her favorite movie, Marnie!
But I haves to clean my tail while I do so!
Here is a still from Marnie! This girl is a bit KOO KOO! I thinks my mom wants to looks like this! She thinks this lady is the epitome of grace and style.... old Hollywood... real class! Marnie is played by Tippi Hendren (real life mommie to actress Melaine Griffith). She is also the same actress who played the female lead in Hitchcock's, The Birds.
Sean Connery is the hero! For a human I thinks he is kind of dreamy!! He is one of my mom's favorite actors! This by the way is a must see Hitchcock movie... Mom is particular fond of Hitchcock movies!

Sean Connery hiring Marnie... just because!!!
Nots to forget actress Mariette Hartley is also in the movie ... I thinks she is important to my mom only cause she played Zarabeth in the original Star Trek... She is a very important lady whom Spock fell in love with! Unlike Captain Kirk, Spock did not fall in love every other episode.
Also, Meg Wyllie of Star Trek fame had a short minute in this movie! Oops! I thinks she was an alien!! Actually, so was Zarabeth! If you are interested you can also read a bit about mom's favorite movie here and at Sprinkles and Puff Balls! We haves mentioned Marnie before... But mom couldn't pass up the summer without mentioning it again! I thinks this is gonna be a ritual for her!This is the corner, and a messy one at that!! ... like the proverbial corner of the attic so to speak.... I loves this mess! It is the best spot in the whole house! This where mom keeps the catnip and a herbal box! I don't think it has been swept here for years and years and years!

Now you can see my own little movie... from the silent era!! That is me in the dark!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Older Pictures

You bearly caught that mom!!

Last years sunflower!

Bear hug? Or strangle hold!?! I don't thinks Monty likes it!....... Mom looks pooped!

I thinks she is going to make a grab for the stringy thingy on your flashy beast!!!!!


He is thinking mom!!

I thinks you woke her up!

On the edge!

A long time ago!

We leaves you with a view of a floofy tail!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Observations

I really am just an observer!
From this vantage I can see the dust bunnies and bits of dirt and pieces of fur. You know what I thinks? I thinks that the dogs did it all. None of it is from floofy little me!
Hey! Then sometimes I thinks I see double! Jazzie and Monty! Maybe their furs are different... but underneath it all they have lots in common!
Do you thinks that deep down inside they are twins!?!
PS: Mom finally cut Monty's furs! But he is still shedding.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mom and That Man From Rio!

Movies again??! OK Mom! Just so long as you know whose blog this is!!! I will lets you do this! The following is one of your favorites... I thinks it falls somewhere in your top 20.
What is it that you likes about this movie so much mom?? Hmmmm!! Jean Paul Belmondo the star of That Man From Rio????!!

This story involves a kidnapped lady, and some treasure. I must say, there are two doggys in this movie. One of the poor dogs gets dragged into the hotel by its mom. You can see that in the clip below at around 3 minutes. I thinks the mom is too interested in the silly star of this movie. But ultimately we blame the director. The second poor dog in this film... loses his human! Mom says this is the saddest part of the whole movie! But mommie feels sorry for both dogs. My Monty is good at looking sad!

Best of all, there are lots of birdy noises in this movie!! Mommy painted her own picture of the birdies!! Shush!!! I'm listening!! I loves chirping sounds!!
There are even some alligators to be seen!

Never fear!! Monty will laugh those alligators away, and will take care of us all!!

There is also lots of romping around in this movie!! If you believes that humans can romp!! These two romp lots!

About 6 years ago my mom actually spent $29.00, plus dollars to get this movie! Unheard of for her. In fact it was her first purchase!!

The movie also stars Françoise Dorléac. Unfortunate for the movie world, and us, this actress left us much too soon! Passing at the young age of only 25 years ... Françoise Dorléac was sister to Catherine Deneuve. Mom can't help but wonder what more wonderful movies this lady would have made had she lived! Mom is a hat person!!! She LOVES this hat!

One of mommies favorite scenes in the whole movie takes place on a beach in Rio De Janeiro! This movie is best watched in the original French with English subtitles. That way you get the original. My mom of course doesn't understand a word of French... except "oui".

There is lots of dancing, some singing, a humans child or 2, or 3 or more, and lots of jungle sounds! We urge you to watch this movie ifs you can!