Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am purrtiest.... or so I have been told!
But lately Jazzie has been telling me that mom calls her "Pretty Girl"! This happens often when I am in the other room!

How can this be so?
Mom! Look at me! See my floofy tail ... and my stripes?
I just knows you love my green eyes! Remember you have called me "Pretty Girl" many times? I don't know if my heart is broken... or I am just mad at Jazzie!
Hey Friends! My mom finially used that coupon from The Creek Cats .... late last night she ordered some "cat funiture." I wasn't watching her on the computer when she did it. So I don't knows what it is! But I am looking forward to some cat furniture! We only have a tiny cat furniture... which only Jazzie uses occasionally... it came from a thrift store about a zillion years ago... before I was borned! Mom says our one from CSN will have to be assembled... but that the reviews on the website say it is easy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We won The Creek Cats CSN Giveaway

Hey everybuddie!! We wants you to know!! We won The Creek Cats CSN Giveaway! So from all of us to all of you at The Creek Cats! We thank you very much!!! Hey! If you haven't been to their blog before you can go visit them by clicking on their name above... they have a real interesting blog!
Hmmmm! I want you to know that my mom is cold!! All the way down to her toesies!!
And so this means when my mom is cold... I am cold too!!!

For those of you who needs a Monty fix!! This is an older picture... Monty and the human sister on a walk in Angwin. Sometimes this field has bunches of cows!
Isn't he cute! We thinks that is Reyes ear up in the left hand corner! She is always whizzing by!

PS: Mom is off 2 extra days this coming week ... the entire school district is enforcing furlough days. Mom complains that this is making her paycheck smaller... Hmmmm! At least she has a job!! Count your blessings mom!
Can you tell me ..... do furrr-low days haves anything to do with 4 footed creatures???

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random Pictures

Please take that picture quick mom!! I can't hold this pose forever for that dang flashy beast! See my toesies and my wonderful claws????
Always the Princess!
Whats that over there??
Sleepy Jazzie.......Can't hardly keeps her eyes opened!! ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!
Is this a trick?? .... why are the flowers down here??
The snoopervisor.... Miss Reye!
There some eyes somewhere ... always watching me you know! Hmmmm! There was something strange abouts this picture, the stripes .... but mom saved it anyways.
Can Reye gets in the bathtubs too mom?
Scritch, Sratch!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

While I Was Sleeping

Some of you may remember my friend Tiger Tiger. Well, Tiger Tiger came to visit while I was taking one of my naps yesterday. He woke Sandusky up to haves some playtime!
Hmmm! Looks like he and Sandusky got chummy!
Seems he asked Sandusky for a piggyback ride!
But Sandusky fell asleep instead!! Poor Tiger Tiger... next time wakes me up! I'll plays with you! OK?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Tour: The Short Version

Sometimes I feel I must act as Tour Guide. I gots to show my visitors around MY HOUSE ... Millie's House. So today I will show you some things that are part of my house.
These are my mom's very important papers. Sometime's I thinks my mom saves every piece of paper that comes her way. Nobody dares to touch HER PAPERS ........ but me. Below the papers are some of her current Drawing Pads! Behind and below me is her very important jar of Bag Balm! You haves to looks real close you can barely see it! Mom swares by Bag Balm for all the owies on her fingers!
Hey! These here are a small pile of my mom's art supplies. This particular pile is behind the couch at the moment. Somehow there is a Target bag there too! My mom hoards art supplies and art books. She thinks way too much about art. This particular pile has a small pile of maps next to it. Mom also hoards maps! Now see this!! Here is the very important Monty sitting in MY CHAIR! Somehow he dominates the landscape. He follows the humans around a lot. Unlike me, mom says he is not hard to get a picture of.
These are the wheels of my human grandma's walker. Hey! This is one real, cool, walker! This particular model came in a lovely red, and has a seat which grandma uses to transport her goodies on... foods, cups of ice, books to read.... and much more.Now! A must see! My favorite spot of the moment. I thinks I loves this sheet and this couch! I hope you all enjoyed this very short tour! There is lots, lots more to see in this house. See you later! Come back soon!