Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silly Post # 2: Me First, Then The Many Faces of Monty! PLUS Short Silent Movies!

Hey! I was cleaning myself! I have to holds my tail down while I gets my back! Mom says some of you are frightened of Monty. Well ... at least some of those pictures in the previous post! We wants you to know that Monty is a sweetheart and a momma's boy!
Look at handsome boy!
Hmmm! Who does he think he is?
Hey! Look at that happy face!
Here is his goofy look! There is Monty's big tongue!
Last aren't we glad that Monty can't drive? He usually is looking and facing towards the back of the car or van when they are in motion.

PS: Now see my 4 second meew video ... you have to look close! We apoligizies it is so darkish! That's mom petting me! And there is Monty walking in Angwin! That Monty video was from last fall!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silly Post #1: The Birds

Hmmm! I have been here before! I thinks my Mom is in love with this tunnel.
Yikes! There are "THE BIRDS."Even Monty must contend with those!!Fierce doggy!! My photogenic brother!

PS: All are courtesy Fun Photo Box!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day .... and the Birthday Girl

I thinks I will let my mom write her own words today! I will stay here napping on these pretty flowers.
Mom here: I just want to say, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Above is my Dad in a photo in taken in 1998, he passed away in 2001. The same day I was officially hired at my present job. I miss him more than I can say.
And yesterday my mom had her 92nd birthday! We are so happy to celebrate with her! Reye just loves my mom! And my mom loves Reye!
PS Cheyenne here: Mom promised me she would post her little sillys starting this week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Putting Our Paws Down!

We are telling you!!!
My mom is really goofy lately! Mom has been taking all these pictures. She has about a zillion pictures of me on her bed! And another zillion of everybody else in this house being whose they are! Then she has been making all these posts ... then not posting them! She has over 15 now! I have been asking her ... why are you doing that mom? .... Get this! She says she thinks they are silly's! Such as below! Then she goes and looks at the Internet! She looks at pictures and things ... whatever takes her fancy at the moment! Many long hours!!! Then she has been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. That is all she wants to watch! She will spend hours and hours looking at it ... wasting her time! I am trying to tell her to stop that! She has all these posts she could be posting ... but no! She thinks she is entitled to waste her time! Then she feels bad about it after she wastes her time! So we are putting our paws down!!! Schools out, its summer school now! Things are different! There is more free time!! So get with it mom!
She calls this Long Arm of the Law! Who's law mom? Jazzie's law?
While she is at it she wants to show off Monty's dirty feet! Whose Feet?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jazzie Now! And Some Silent Movies!

Here is Jazzie a couple of months ago.
And here is Jazzie a couple of weeks ago!Now here is Jazzie a couple of days ago! I thinks she is getting too big for her pants!
See the Silent Movies! Especially notice our catnip plant just beyond little Reye.

Here is that little Reye in the backyard with Monty and Sandusky! Jazzie is now biggers than that Reye! They still wrestle a lot with each other!

And here is Monty looking little and the paper bag "windsock" looking big .... Ha! Ha! That is something mom made at school for an example for the kids to do for "art". Those windsocks were a big hit with the kids!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Get That Spot

Hey mom! Sometimes this is hard work!
There! That's better! Whats that mom? You say I have a tummy?
And Monty doesn't? Hmmm! I thinks Monty has a spot too! Only its on his back!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Catnip ... and I Won Housecat Confidential!

Hey! I won Fin's book - Housecat Confidential!! Thank you Fin and Meg! We plan to read the book this weekend! And we just love Fin's pawtograph!
Hi every buddy! I just want you to see our jar of catnip ... it's the second jar over! The one behind my ear!
Will I ever get my way? Come on someone open this jar!!
This is the greatest nip in the world!! Mom tries to hides it in this jar! ... but I know its in there! She will set the jar upright but we always knock it down!
Mom said this picture of me and Sandusky rolling in the nip was from last summer.... and she already used this one picture! Well here it is again!Then there is Spooky planning on having some fun!
Hmmm! All we need is some thumbs!
PS: We also have some nip growing in the backs yard! Got to get my mom take a picture of it! But she says the camera is full up!PS to the PS: Monty laughs at us and Reye yawns and curls up for a nap.