Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sandusky's Day

Sleeping in an extra hour!
Breakfast time here!!!
A roll in the catnip!
Can I share these kitty grasses?
Eat now mom?
Take a nap!
Bath Time!
Sleep more now!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Silent and Darkish Movies on Saturday Evening and My Whiskers!

I was about to fall asleep .... and along came mom with the Flashy Beast!
See my lovely whiskers?
Now see Jazzie and her new pink collar in the movies below!

Can you sees Jazzie's eyes? If it weren't for that pretty pink collar you might not be able to see her!

Monty seems to be feeling better the last few days. Though he threw up two nights ago! We thinks the humans gave him too much human tidbits!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jazzie Jessie and Me

This is the first picture we haves of Jazzie Jessie.
HERE I AM! ..... SEE ME! ..... ME! ..... ME!
This is the second picture we haves of Jazzie Jessie. I complained till mom put me between the pictures! I told her those pictures looked exactly the sames! But she said they were just a little bit different. Whose blog is this anyways?
Then there is My Handsome Monty!

PS: He had to goes to the VET last Friday! He was sick for a couple of days. The vet gaves him Metronidazole .... which has helped! He had to be on a bland diet for the last three days.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Share My Kitty Grasses

These are mine.
But sometimes I share them.

He always does his part in helping to chew them down! Then, often, he will go somewhere and throw them up!

Don't forget the Chicken Blog Blogoversary and Giveaway! You can still post a comment till Sunday evening! All are welcome!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You Chicken Blog!

This here is my happy relaxed pose! Why am I relaxed and happy? We gots the giveaway at Chicken Blog! Yahooo!! How it happened below! Of course who will be there watching the movie that mom picked out at Amazon!!?!! Jazzie Jessie of course! (See Jazzie's Picture Below!!) (WAY BELOW!)
There was a Sentimental Giveaway over at Chicken Blog! Chicken Blog is one of mom's favorite blogs! As a comment on Sentimental Giveaway Mom mentioned our blog and her memories of how she began it! ...... Can you believe we were started on her whim!! We gots a free gift at Amazon from Natalie and her family!! Thank you Natalie!

What is even more wonderful is that Chicken Blog is having a Blogoversary! And the humans at Chicken Blog are going to have another give-away! Go check them out! There is a really great human family, a couple of kitties, a rabbit, some rats and some chickens. Hmmm! Did I say some chickens!!?!! Hmmmm!!!! All you haves to do is to leave a comment by Sunday, May 23!
Jazzie thinks that this is the best Cat TV ever!
And Monty will be snoozing through it all!

Sandusky and me will be hanging out somewhere in the background!

PS: My favorite at Chicken Blog is "Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat, Cowboy and Explorer." Go see him!

PS: I can't help it ... I'm a cat!

PS to the PS: Can you believe my blog started on a mere whim? Mom didn't even know there was such a thing as Cat Blogs when she began it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scarf Cat

Spooky Doo doesn't mind this one bit!
Only it has to be the human sister Sarah doing it!
A kissie kissie to you Spooky Doo!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talky Talky

Listen to me mom!! Here I am talking to you from the couch!
Hey mom! Here I am on your bed!
I am still on your bed mom! It is my turn to talk now! Hear my mew, mew voice for awhiles! What? You says I stick out my tongue when I talk?
I think my mom is making fun of me! I will stick out my tongue at her!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Monty's Cool! So Am I!!!

He is my supercool brother! My Monty! Poor Monty!
That look in his eye.... hmmm!
The things he will put up with!! The human sister did this to him when he was getting ready for a walk!!Hey! I can do that too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom and Sandusky and that Monty

We have so much to say and so little time.... mom has been putting it off like it isn't really happening. I thinks she is in denial.
These were taken last summer. Mom has been goofing off not posting them! Sandusky likes anyone's lap!
When mom gets off work he will often come to get in her lap.
And a bonus picture... from last fall. A walk in the woods with Monty with the human sister and mom ... in the late evening! Poor Monty had to squeeze in between the two humans! And he barely fitted!!