Saturday, September 25, 2010

Important Conversation!

Lucky Monty!! his bath was delayed! The washing machine broke. Mommee has been spending hours and hours at the laundry mat. The people came out to repair it 4 or 5 times now in the last 4 weeks! It is under "expert repair plan"... which doesn't seem expert at all, but, at least so far, is not costing!! The one repair man says the other repair man put in parts wrong!! So he had to order more parts to fix what the other repair man did! Mom is just thinking it is about time to go out and get a new washing machine... cause the machine has now developed a leak.... which wasn't there before!
Anyways, mommie always gives him a rubdown after a bath. But if mommie can't wash Monty's towels she says she isn't going to give him a bath! Monty is happy about that, HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the meantime! Me? I just think she isn't paying enough attention to my blog! So I just haves this running conversation with her about that!!
Mom says I just talkity and talkity on and on!
It is just a heart to heart talk with you mom! MOM, please write on my blog! OK??

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Cats Are Self Cleaning

Mom still has not got a new laptop yet! I thinks my mom is lazy! We haves this computer out in the living room but she says the chair is the most uncomfortable chair in the world! SEE THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIR IN THE WORLD ABOVE!! Oh my! Jazzie is sitting on it! .... Anyways mom says this chair makes her back hurt... and she can't afford a new one if she wants a new laptop.

You know .... us cats do this ourselves!! Now see this!! Poor Monty in the bathtub!
Giving Monty a baths is always a big deal in this house! The things he endures!
At least he doesn't have to use that bubblebath there in the picture.... that is mommies! He gets the green stuff!
Hey whats that Draino doing there? Oops! For the sink! He can't stay in one easy place to get to the dirty spot! He is a moving target!
Hmmm yes he was dirty there!
Poor, Monty Dog!!
What is this? Are you sad that it is over Monty Dear??

PS: These are older pictures...Monty is actually overdue for a furclip and a baths!! Hmmm! I hear one is coming up soon in the next few days!

PS TO THE PS: Mom says she plans to get a new laptop at the beginning of next month.... paycheck time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mom's Silly Post #6: Photo Anyone?

Mom is not sure if she is in Oz or not!?! Life has been much too much very odd or something.
Mom apologizes for not visiting much... Lots have been going on here. Mom has just barely been holding it together sometimes. Then mom's laptop broke... At the beginning of this week! Now she has to do everything out on the big puter!! Which she hates!
Jazzie's scary eyes!
What about me!!!
Do I look mad, or what? This is my aloof look! This is the best place in this house ... I still hiding among mom's camping equipment!Hey Mom! What did you go and do that for? Funny Photo!