Saturday, July 31, 2010

Watching Out!

I am the watch cat of the house! Because the watch dog of the house .... well er.....
He sometimes falls asleeps!!Except those rare moments when I sleeps .... I am always, always, always, watching out for my mom and the rest of the family!
During the night...

and during the day! Hey!!! I am only pretending to get sleepies here!

Now! You can watch my 4 second video! Can you see me meow? We apologize it is so dark! It was taken late at night while I was watching the house!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey! That's My Kitty Grass! And a 3 Second Movie!!!

Hmmm! I thoughts those kitty grasses were mine exclusively!!!!!!!!!
These kitty grasses has been growing in this container on the back deck for a long time! Mom finally brought them in for a couple of hours! I suspect my mom was trying to entice us into a photo shoot! See the catnip pile on the rug ... in the corner of the picture? I thinks she was getting desperate!
Even Spooky came out! And there is Jazzie Jessie beyond the kitty grasses! You can biggify the picture to see her yellow eyes!!! PS: Mom wanted to show off her sunflowers she is growing! She started these from seed!! I thinks they are very pretty mom!!!
See Sandusky's 3 second... silent movie from last year. He's chomping on some kitty grasses!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exercise This Way! Plus Tiny Silent Movies!

My mom was telling me I needs to exercise more! So Mom!! This is for you! .... Whats that? You say do it for me?
Ok, Mom! Now Jump Down!!
Oops! Mom! This is all abouts exercise ... not laying around staring ats the ceiling!
Hmmm!! Do the Jazzie stretch!!
Hey Monty! Wake up!!There is the Jazzie Jumpdown!

And here is Monty exercising with his new toy! He loves it!!!
Last of all sit up ... look around ... then look from side to side! What ever your exercise routine be sure to do it every day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursday Sharing

Mom says I must share my blog today with Jazzie, Monty, and Sandusky! So you only gets one picture of me. I am a bit sad about that. What will happen to my photoshoot pictures that you took a couple of days ago ... Mom? I thinks I will hide early tonight just to show you!
First a little about Sandusky. Yesterday he had to go to the vet. Mom has been noticing he has been losing weight the last few months. The lab results show he has hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure. So now he must take medicine every day... and he hates any kind of medicine! I feel for you Sandusky. My mom breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this was treatable! Sandusky is her little sweetheart. He has been in the family for 15 years.
Impressive laser eyes Sandusky!Mom says Jazzie hasn't had her picture on the blog for about 2 weeks! She hardly looks like a kitten any more. Though she still is the smallest of us cats! But get this! Now she is bigger than That Reye!
We leaves you with an image to remember... and think on ... My Monty.... for those of you who needs a Monty Fix!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Silly Post # 4: Monty Talks Cat!

Mom! This is me! Your lovely sweet innocent!
If you would only pay better attention to whats going on! I think he is laughing at me!! Hey mom! Monty talks about me!
Here he looks so innocent!
But hey mom! He is laughing at me lots of times when you don't see! Then he talks like he thinks he is top cat... I cringe!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

News and A 15 Sec Short-Silent Monty Video! Plus Painter!

I am here to tell you.
That mom (yes, my mom) is feeling old. See above!
This girl, her girl, ... is pregnant! My mom is going to be a grandma soon! Sometime in October! Mom says I will be an Auntie! I am not sure I know what that all means!! That picture above was taken a couple of months ago... so the girl Sarah is more pregnant now! Does this mean my blog will be taken over by littlebean pictures? WHAT exactly are "LITTLEBEANS"? Mommmm!!!

Hmmmm! As I contemplate what this all means I invite you to watch Monty videos! That is the human sister walking/pulling Monty! And notice the Reye!!

Also!! Mom has the next 33 days off from her job at the school! She doesn't have to go in to see the children! I haves asked her to blog more for me... Well Mom!! Where are all those posts you haves started? You haves no excuse now!!

PS: I thinks I heard my mom say she is going to visit everybuddy I haves this weekend!

PS to the PS: Angela Cartwright has a new kitty named Painter! If you would likes to visit her new little one you can go and see her at Angela's Blog! And what is so wonderful is that this kitty is a rescue kitty! I thinks she is sure lots of sweetness! And very cute!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Window Dressing

My sister Spooky!

Spooky being part of the window! Don't forget about me please! Can you say jealous!?!
She can be too pretty ... But hey! I do have my own special glow!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silly Post # 3: Big Feets

Hmmmm! Big Feets!
Or is it BIG FOOTS?
I thinks Monty has competition!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Name Game and Mom's Favorite Movies

I wanted to play the name game ... before the Fourth of July was too far gone in the past! My mom is always sooo slow!! But here is some stories behind how we came by our names.
Most our names originated from cities or place names in the USA. My name is of course is from Cheyenne, Wyoming! Mom thinks of me as her little wild Cheyenne. A favorite place of moms! I am also called Cheyenne Millie, and Millie. Mom's favorite teddy bear when mom was growing up was one she called Millie. Does that mean that I am mom's teddy bear? I was borned here in Napa across the street from this house.
Spooky was named after Spokane Washington! A place the humans have seriously thought of moving to one day! They gotted her about the same time they made a journey up to Spokane. She was borned in Angwin, CA. She is human sister's kitty.
With Jazzie they broke the mold! Mom tossed around some names some of them cities and towns but Jazzie just didn't seem to fit any of them! She was borned in Napa, CA and lived as a stray for the 1st few months of her life!
Reye is named after Point Reyes National Seashore, where she was found running down the road. If you have ever been to Point Reyes there you knows how desolate Point Reyes can be. The humans assume she was born at Point Reyes National Seashore. But someone could have dumped her there. After some inquiries it was determined that no one was looking for her. She wasn't chipped or anything.
Sandusky was named after Sandusky, Ohio! He is the only one of us who was not born in California! He was born in Williamsport, Pennslyvania. Mom brought him in her van 15 years ago to California. Passing near Sandusky, Ohio on her way she loved that name... also... I have to tell you among my mom's favorite movies is That Touch of Mink... the character that Doris Day plays in that movie comes from Sandusky.
Monty was named after Montpelier, Vermont ... but then mom has always thought of him as a Monty! Monty was borned next door to this house. The humans living next door were calling him Chunk Butt. Mom absolutely rejected that name. He was originally human sister's dog but over the years he has become everybody's!

PS: Mom is taking this time to revel/bask in her favorite movies. She mistakenly believes the movie mentioned below is really her third favorite movie... an Alfred Hitchcock movie called Marnie. But I know different. Mom is in love with Sean Connery! Come on mom!! Fess up! Marnie is your favorite movie!
The link will take you to one of mom's favorite scenes in the whole movie! Mom calls it Sean Connery to the rescue scene!
PS: Spooky's original name was Gwendolyn when she was living with her Foster Family here in Napa. Hmmm! She looks more like a Spooky to me! My mom is getting forgetful thus this PS!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

I wish all you kitties (and doggy's too) everywhere Happy Fourth of July! I am scared of fireworks... so I shall slink off to hide.
Hey! Mom took my tunnel picture and went to
These two will hide with me! See below... Monty's SILENT Fourth of July video!