Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spooky Doo

Can you believe that this used to look like the little one below?
Yes! There Spooky is in all her kittenish glory!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Tonight

I am a happy Girlcat tonight. I got my mom all to myself for 2 nights! Jazzie isn't jumping around here at all, at least not near me. She is in grandma's bedroom with the door shut to keep her quiet.
Jazzie Jessie went to the Vet's Thursday to have female cat stuff taken care of. These pictures of her were before THE SURGERY. Mom decided she was old enough. The last few weeks she has been slinking around the house, yowling and throwing herself down in front of everybody, canines and humans included.
First the humans made an appointment with the humane society, but they would have had to wait till March 8. Jazzie's female episodes started happening closer and lasting longer. She was also hanging around the back door a lot. Then, twice (two days in a row) she got out the human sister's window and was missing for lots of hours. Happily her surgery went well and she was all purrs when she saw my mom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Competitive Napping of the Cat -O-Lympics and a New One

Huffle Mawson is hosting the Competitive Napping event of the Cat-O-Lympics. We entered this picture of Jazzie Jessie napping next to Rockford.We are just kind of late telling everybuddy. My Mom has been unders lots of stress lately... and is pulling her hairs out!
Just when I thought things were going to be better! This happens! I am not exactly happy about it! What is it?
They call her Reye... after Point Reyes. It now belongs to the human sister Sarah. It chases me every chance it gets! Hey! my human sister got married! And this is their first baby!! I was hiding from Jazzie Jessie.... but now Jazzie is old hat. I actually don't mind Jazzie so much. I have to contend with Reye! This is like a nightmare for me!

NOW! Avert your eyes from that doggy! And look at me!! Look at my loveliness!
See my lovely feets and toesies!
See my lovely chin and whiskers?

Also, see me washing my toesies!!! We apologizes that the video is so dark!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silent Movies of Sandusky and Monty and Me and Pictures From Last Summer

What is that mom?
You say these pictures and movies are all from last summer? You think we should use them? There is Monty sleeping next to the batteries. Hey! How did those get there? He also looks like he is shedding!
And hey!! This is just about as close as I will allow my brother.... (sisters too)!
Mom says Sandusky is cute!

Monty looks like he needs a bath... and a furcut!

Here is Sandusky at the back door!!

Honest... I will hiss if he ever ever makes a pass at me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jazzie Jessie

I am a bit jealous! Cause mom and Jazzie sometimes watch tv together.
One of mom's favorite tv shows is Rockford Files. It didn't take long... and now.... Jazzie Jessie is a hardcore Rockford Files fan!
She loves sitting next to mom and watching James Garner solve the cases!
Though she often falls asleep during the last half of the show! Besides this she is now a fan of Lost in Space, Star Trek, and Wild Wild West. Mom loves all those old tv shows!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Heart Day Tonight and Tomorrow

Guess who has my heart! The love of my life is my mom!
Mom made this Valentine for me! Get this... my Mom has been "making paper" at school! And at school they laugh about it.... they tear up paper then run it though a blender to make paper! The kids made their own pieces of paper. So far this school year they have made red, blue, yellow, and pink paper.... they tried to make green but it didn't turn out very green. At Christmas they made Christmas Tree ornaments out of this homemade paper.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Monty and Me

My handsome brother Monty!
What was that dog drinking?? Oops!!! It is only water in an old 7up bottle!
The wild eyed brother on a walk in Angwin!

Note my paw!! I have been practicing making it look bigger so I can swat some cat!! See "that cat"Jazzie below, then see me again!
I am still with my mat!
My mom made this at work.... it was an nameplate example for the kids to do their own names. She used my name! Just flour, water, salt, and some tempera paint.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Run and Hide

Just look into my green lasers mom! Hey! That's a furry mat developing on my back! If mom dares come near me with the scissors I will run and hide!
Hey! I have something in common with My Monty. My fur mats! He knows what it is like to have mom cuts his matted furs with the scissors! He gets a furcut about every 3 months or so.
Now! You just take a look into my orange lasers mom! Don't look at that mat on my back!!

PS: I think Monty's laser eyes are imitation.

PS / PS: in the near future you will most likely see more pictures of my mat! I won't lets my mom cut it all off! So I still haves somes! I fight her tooth and nail!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shiny One

My sister Jazzie Jessie has a special kind of lovely shine! But I wanted to show you that my shine is even better!
The family often refers to me as the white one. They say, "where is the white one"?
I am proud of my furs! And the flashy beast shows off my lovely furs just right!
I dazzle my humans!!
You just try to top that Jazzie!

PS: Mom's week is winding down. Tomorrow will be much better. In the classroom she works they usually watch movies the last hour and a half of school on Fridays - (a special ed class). Though mom STILL has work ... the light will be off and the kids will be having an hour off with no lessons.