Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Meme... Becomes Wednesday 5th Picture

I say better late than never mom! This is my fifth picture Meme...We were tagged by our friends from The Cat Street Boyz.

Our 5th folder is of mom's scanned of art. The 5th picture is of Angela Cartwright and Johnathan Harris from the tv show Lost in Space. It is a picture which mom drew first in pencil, then went over in ink. Finally, after printing it up on the printer she did it over in watercolor, then did more ink work. Then she scanned it again, photoshopped it and put it on her own blog at: 1000 Days Lost in Space. It's on Day 943. My mom is a Lost in Space fanatic. Can you tell?

If I tagged you and your mom (or dad) says its ok to participate tell her/him to do this:

Open your file folders (pictures),
click on the fifth folder,
and then the fifth photo,
Post the photo to your blog and describe it.
Then tag 5 other bloggers.

I have tagged

Furry Paws
Peggy's Place (Peggy and the Cats)
The Whippy Curly Tails
The Furry Kids
Eric and Flynn


Eric and Flynn said...

Thank you for tagging us, we have just posted our meme. Our mum says she used to watch Lost in Space. That is a good picture your mum painted of it.

Cat Street Boyz said...

That was a good Meme, Millie! Our Mom watched Lost in space as a kid, she also loved it. Mommies big craziness has always been HORSES. She loved watching any show with Horses...she wasn't allowed to have a cat growing up.....we think she sure made up for that as an adult, Teak is #17 that Mom has adopted or has rescued! She has also had 8 woofies as an adult...5 were rescued! Maybe she should have a show called, Lost for space!{{giggle}}the Cat Street Boyz

The Island Cats said...

Wow! Mom sez that's a blast from the past! She watched Lost in Space all the time when she was a kid...DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!