Sunday, June 17, 2012

We Miss You More than Words Can Say, Dear Sweet Monty!

It has been awhile since mom has posted. All has not been well here.

We are sad to tell you that we lost our dear sweet Monty. It all happened so very fast. Within 2 weeks of finding out there was something wrong with him he was gone. It has really hurt. The veterinarian did not really know what was wrong with him. But the one veterinarian called it spontaneous pneumothorax! Or in simple terms collapsed lungs!

We miss you so much our dear friend Monty!!! Now, mommie is having a real hard time! Her religious upbringing did not teach that us kitties and doggies would be in heaven! But she has felt that if all those kitties and doggies who have passed on aren't in heaven then heaven would be a very hard place to be! So, would God remove forever, that which has brought so much joy!?