Saturday, March 24, 2012

Budding Artist

Mom has been busy cleaning up around here! So has some of the occupants of this house!! So Jazzie took over for her today! This is the result!!
I thinks she was painting! Poor Monty! This was his natural state!

Then she diffused him!!Can you see she twirled him?? This was stamping me?? Oh Jazzie!!! I blames it on her!! That one below!!!! Laying in the dried up watercolors! She is in loves with those watercolors mom!
Better watch out!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Looks at Me Now Mom! Happy Saint Patricks Day ... 4 Days Late!

This is the nearest to being green we could find! We apologize for being so late!

I leaves my furs on the floor for you mom!!

I flex my claws for you too mom!

I sit behind you on the couch and make sure you do my blog to my satisfaction!

I can't believe this! My silly mom! She brought a new laptop over a year ago. After having it for a year mom was looking at the stickers on the side ... and discovered that the laptop had a webcam! Silly mom! It took her another couple of months to learn how to use it! Now we present you Jazzie Jessie! Looks like Jazzie has taken my mom over!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Great Outdoors and Beyond!

Do I look down in the dumps??? Well... I haves to say! Yes I am!!! Sometimes it is so hard being an indoor kitty! I dream big dreams!! Unfortunately, because I am an indoor cat, I can ONLY dream!

I just want to get outs and climb some of those trees mom!! Pleeeezzzzzze!!!
Monty gets to live it! This picture is from last year.

No matter where he is Monty gets to enjoy the fresh breezes and the green grasses! Hey! There is Monty's second favorite toy! Only mom knows where he first favorite toy is ... the football!

There's life in those pine needles! Monty can tell you all about that life!! He loves to sniffs!!

A very short Silent Movie showing the joys of outdoors!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleepy Cats and Laughing Monty

Excuse me while I play ... I WANTS TO SHOW OFF ... my secret pink tummy!

Shush! The rest of the kitties are sleeping!!

Well..... some of them!! Jazzie gave mom the evil eye!!
You thinks she is part Sphinx!??!

All the while, Monty laughs the day away!!