Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mom's Silly Post #5: Silly Pictures

Yikes! Sister Spooky? Maybe she is mad?
Biggify Sandusky's 2nd picture to get a good view of his tongue curl! He is crossing his paws!!
Monty has a tongue curl too!Silly mom took this silly picture of me meewing!! She didn't get my eyes or ears in the picture!! Then she said she just couldn't get rid of it! She thinks it is cute!! Mom! You are embarrassing me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

I can outstare the flashy beast any day!!
Caught! I think.
Look Mom!! I am the purple eyed people eater!!! Or maybe not!!
Hey look!! Monty is too!!
PS: Those last 2 pictures were made at Fun Photo Box!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Pictures

My chair....
... sometimes doubles as Monty's chair!
Please sir! Could I have some more?

Mommie knows just where to scritch me!! That feels sooo good!!!!

Mom.... please don't stop!
When Jazzie wants to she will wrestle with Reye! But it seems the older she gets the less she wants to wrestle! She is getting a little bit tired of it!
I luvs staring at the ceiling!!

My BIG FOOT contribution!Car ride!! Yahoo!!
Walking into winter.
Can I go camping too???

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Guilty One

Hmmm! Now what happened here?? Little pieces all over the house!
Who chewed up the flowers?? Mom had to puts them outside... behind the little fence where she starts her seedlings! Those flowers must be mighty tasty!

That piece behind Jazzie is not Jazzie's handiwork!!
We blames little Reye! She chewed up Grandma's little basket! She ate some leaves off the flowers! Now she is hiding in Monty's shadow!Those flowers were sure pretty!

Monty is patient with Reye ... who is always nipping at Monty!
PS: The Internet has been really slow here... and Firefox crashed 3 times tonight ... Besides Firefox crashing on its own Mom had to shut the computer off twice it froze up so bad. She can't take staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity! We will be around to visit all our friends tonight and tomorrow as is possible!