Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News and My Laser Paws

The News: My Monty had to go the vet yesterday! He had a "hot spot" which he would not stop licking. They shaved the spot and put some medicine on it. The spot seems to be getting better already! But then right afterwords Sarah gave him a haircut! So his fur is kind of choppy right now! Above is an older photo of him.... since mom hasn't taken a picture of his haircut or his "hot spot!" But the best news of all is that Sarah will be returning to work next Monday!! Yahoo!! She also has been walking My Monty more! Mom braved the woods on her own a couple of times, and even took him down the street here more than once! Mom is the Chicken!!
Now!! See my laser eyes? But guess what! I've got Laser Paws!
Hey! I can do this with both my paws!
And it is like magic!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Great Outdoors

The following is something I never get to do ... cause my mom thinks I will run away!
That is I don't get out! Monty gets out!!
He enjoys being outside!
And Sandusky gets out frequently!
He found the live plant of catnip over there! He wonders can "I have just a bit of nip?"
A 14 second silent movie of the joys of the Great Outdoors.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grandma's Boys!

We love grandma!
Sandusky will try to help grandma out!
Sometimes we thinks that grandma is really Monty's favorite human!
He loves her bed best! He follows her everywhere! He mourns silently when she leaves the house.
In the car he wants to sit in her lap!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Photos

Below are some random photos of us. We hope you enjoy them!
Spooky's paws!!
My kitty grasses!!
A walk in the field... last winter.
One of mom's favorites photos in the mirror!!!
Still MY kitty grasses!
Sandusky the sleeping cat!!
What is that noise??
My tummy here.
The boss with his floofy tail!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Protest!

I protest for two reasons! First my mom has been ignoring me and my blog! Second, I don't get on with Spooky. But I agreed to let mom put up some pictures of her!
Here she is in some of her floofyness.
She is really Sarah's baby! BTW- Sarah is doing better... but still can't walk My Monty!
There you have it the Spooky!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Wanna Play!

Oops!!! Mom accidentally posted this!!!!! And can't get rid of it without deleting it! So here he is my Monty!! And there is my mom smiling at him!! And mom is promising me to visit all my friends tomorrow and apologizes for not doing it tonight .... being it is about midnight and she has to go to work tomorrow!
Monty ... always is ready to play!
May I wake up that kitty?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiger Tiger Returns!

He showed up in my kitchen over the weekend!
Sometimes the humans just don't get it!! You really expect me to play with him mom?
I really done some checking into this. And you know what? His bottom really doesn't smell right! There is some real problem here!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


My mom feels better. Her pink eye seems to be gone. Her bad cold is almost gone. She wants to thank all you who wished her to be well! But now I have to contend with mom's moods! Sometimes I try to tell her she should be blogging more... it will make her feel better. Sometimes she just won't listen and goes off and does her own thing.
I won't close my eyes now... cause I am not sleepy.
But look at who is sleepy. Here is Monty on Grandma's bed!
And Sandusky likes to be near Spooky.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Monty Dreams

I got to tell you my Monty's wish. But first!! See that big long fur in that photo below? That's Monty's fur! And that is after a furcut!
Now the Secret!
Monty Dreams of Being a Snowdog. His doggy mom was a Samoyed, but his doggy dad was a Golden Retriever! So he lies somewhere in between. We thinks he has the heart of a Golden Retriever, but the the Sarah says the stubbornness of a Samoyed. Now I ask you is that fair of her to say that? His tail and it's furs act like they are Samoyed. When he gets excited it curls and floofs up!! But his ears ... well??? He leaves us his furs everywhere all over the furniture and in every nook and cranny! You can't see them here cause they have been cleaned up.
But when you come across any furs you can tell that most the furs are his! Cause they are mostly 3-6 inches long, and a golden yellow!
He is always hot!

And when mom doesn't cut his furs they get longer and longer and longer! His dream is to be a just like those dogs in that movie Snow Dogs. See his cute older photo after a furcut?

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Magnificent Lasers, Mancat Monday is Almost Gone, Sorry Sandusky!!

My mom is still not well. She actually took Friday off from work. Then was sick all weekend. Yesterday, her eye was bothering her real bad. There was all this yellowish gunk! She has health care though her job.... but the clinic here in Napa is closed today. She called the advice nurse and after describing her symptoms over the phone that nurse told her she had pink eye. But to get medicine for it she has to go all the way to Vallejo! Maybe if I sit on her bed under all my favorite scarves it will help her! Then I can flash My Magnificent Lasers right at her! I think the laser treatment I gave her the other day helped, but she needs more!! I hear kitty cats can get pink eye! I hope I don't!!!
We hope everyone else is well out there!
Mancat Monday Almost Gone:
Sandusky hasn't figured out how to open the door yet, but he says it sure smells good out there!

PS Spooky will only move if the Sarah moves.

My mom says she will help me visit my friends later this afternoon after she picks up the medicine.